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On this page, we cover wide range of topics related to work-life balance, offering insights, tips, and practical advice for managing the challenges of balancing work and life. From managing stress and time management, to building a supportive network and developing a healthy work-life culture, these blogs and articles will provide you with tips, insights and practical how-to's to help you take the first step towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

And breathe...  

One of the most critical things we can do to prevent our stress levels from overwhelming us, is to pay attention to the way we breathe.

When we are stressed, we tend to breathe from the top of our longs, in shallow breaths --- or worse, we are not aware that we are holding our breath frequently, as we hunch over our keyboards trying to get through the next deadline.

I have created a beauiful meditative exercise on breathing techniques for you to use.  Try to follow the breathing style, and incoporate it a couple of times into your daily routine.

download your breathing
 exercise here

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I am committed to helping corporate women to truly craft a life they long to lead, and so I release regular articles, videos and blogs around various aspects of work life balance. 

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Grab a cup of your favorite tea, close the door and turn off all other tech, and allow yourself the gift of time, as you listen to these power-snippets of five minute wisdoms.

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