What happens when two business besties get together?

You get AWESOME conversations with some of the most influential women of our time. Join Michelle and her co-host, speaker and best-selling author Fawn Germer, for the Hard Won Wisdom podcast.

What if ...  

What if you could sit down with great women CEOs, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Olympic Athletes, political leaders and other trailblazers for a personal mentoring session? 

Join us weekly for the Hard Won Wisdom Podcast. Not only will you get me time with great women in business, you'll also connect with the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, a Hollywood director, a survivalist and a famous psychic medium. There is always hard won wisdom to inspire you to harness all of your power, take risks, go for what you are scared to try and live a bolder, more fulfilling life.

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Imagine how easy life would be if we had know this all from the get-go!

Wouldn’t it be great if, right from adolescence, younger people knew this life-changing wisdom on everything from coping skills to body image to codependence to cats? Listen to what we would teach our younger selves, this week on Hard Won Wisdom.


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